Winding Brook - Safety and Other Shared Concerns

Over the years, we've collected the following safety tips that we'd like to pass on to all residents living at Winding Brook.
  1. Wood stoves can cause fires.

    The first several buildings constructed at Winding Brook offered wood stove chimneys. If you operate a wood stove at Winding Brook, it must be approved by the South Burlington Fire Department and then inspected on an annual basis. A copy of the inspection report must be forwarded to our property manager by December 15th of each year. See rule #19 of the Administrative Rules of the association for further information.

  2. Dryers can cause fires.

    Due to the nature of Winding Brook's unique design, some of the units have rather lengthy pipes connecting the dryers to greater outdoors. If your clothes remain damp after a reasonable drying time, your dryer may be broken or your vent may be blocked. Using a dryer with a blocked vent can cause a fire to start.

  3. Ceiling and bathroom fans can cause fires.

    The ceiling and bathroom fans that were installed when Winding Brook was first constructed are starting to get old. Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate in the motors that drive these fans. Such dust build-up has caused fires in other condominiums in South Burlington. Homeowners are cautioned against leaving the fans on when no one is home. Homeowners are encouraged to clean these fans on a regular basis.

  4. Barbeque Grills can cause fires.

    Barbeque grills can get quite hot. Please be careful to keep a lit grill away from the buildings and decks. A hot grill that is too close to building or deck can cause a fire.

  5. Do Not Park on Winding Brook Drive at Night.

    Parking on Winding Brook Drive is prohibit between the hours of 12 midnight and 6 A.M. Parking is prohibited during these hours at the behest of the South Burlington Fire Department due to the narrowness of Winding Brook Drive. It would be very difficult for fire fighters to get to a fire or other emergency in our development if cars were parked on the road late at night.

    If your car is parked on Winding Brook Drive during those hours, it will be towed by Spillane's Service Center (863-2896).

  6. Your pipes can freeze when it gets really, really cold

    Vermont can get wicked cold during the winter. To avoid having your pipes freeze, we recommend the following:

  7. Winding Brook's Sewage System.

    Winding Brook is located below the city sewer line. Sewage and other dirty water from Winding Brook must be pumped up to the city sewer line. Winding Brook operates two pumps for this purpose. These pumps can be damaged by any physical object, other than water or human waste. Although we clean out these pumps on a regular basis, we have still had to replace them at great expense to the association on more than one occasion.

    To help the pumps, please avoid using your garbage disposal. If you must use the disposal, please avoid putting egg shells, coffee grinds, towels, dish rags, or potato skins down the disposal.

    Over the past few years, our pumps have been damaged beyond repair by: rope, towels, dish rags, cutlery, brushes, and toys. We wonder how some of the items, especially the 30' length of rope, managed to get into our sewage system in the first place.

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