Results of the 2003 Annual Meeting

To: All Winding Brook Homeowners

From: Winding Brook Board of Directors

Subject: Annual Meeting Results and Other Reminders

Date: January 12, 2004

Annual Meeting

At our annual meeting on January 7, 2004, those homeowners attending approved the proposed CY 2004 budget with a monthly fee increase of 10.67 percent beginning January 1, 2004. The new monthly fees by unit number are listed on the following attachment. Because of the delay for this meeting, the monthly fee for January only will be due by January 21, 2004. Fees for following months are due on the first of the month, as usual. Members also voted to approve the recommended assessment of $23,000.00 to replenish the reserve account for extraordinary expenses incurred in CY 2003. The specific amount for each unit is listed on the following attachment in the column marked Final Amount. You will notice that some owners will have a $35.00 reduction in their assessment. This is the promised rebate for owners who needed Homeowner Fix A. Due to efficient scheduling, the contractor was able to lower his price, and this reduction refunds the applicable overpayment. This assessment is due by March 31, 2004. In order to keep our income statement clear, the Board requests that this be a separate payment to the Management Company, with a notation identifying it as the assessment. This will help us track the dollars and make sure it is credited to our reserve account.

Audit Suggestion

Because of a homeowner concern, the Board proposed doing an audit of the Associations records in the next budget year. In a discussion of the costs versus the benefits of this process, it was mentioned that any member of the Association is free to review our books by contacting the Treasurer to arrange an appointment at the Management Company, and the motion for an audit this year was defeated.

Sewer Drain Restrictions

Please remember that cat litter, coffee grounds, onion skins, egg shells, banana peels, and any kind of clothing should never be put down a drain, garbage disposal or toilet at Winding Brook. These cause major damage to the sewer pumps owned by the Association that are very costly to repair or replace. Last year a small piece of clothing caused both pumps to fail, and the unanticipated repair cost was more than $7,000. These pumps must be working 24/7, and any failure for more than 24 hours can cause sewer backups or other extensive problems.

Freezing Drain Protection

During extremely cold weather (below 10 degrees), units with windows over the kitchen sink should open the cupboard doors below the sink, allowing warm air from inside to circulate around the drainpipes. This will help keep the pipes warm enough to avoid clogs or backups that can form in cold weather.

Overnight Parking

Please remember that parking on Winding Brook Drive from midnight to 6:00 AM is prohibited by the Administrative Rules. This is especially important in the winter because of snow removal concerns, and cars left on the street can be towed at the owners expense. This restriction applies to owners and visitors, and extra parking for guests is available in the lighted visitors parking lot.

Next Meeting

The next Board meeting will be on January 28, 2004 at 7:00PM. Contact any Board member or the Management Company for the location, to be decided.

Last updated: February 11, 2004